Director’s Message:

Luster Home Décor is a turnkey, the single source for all your basic needs. We work towards finding solutions to the most demanding situations, thus adding values at every stage. Our staff oversees projects from design to furnishing, from inception to completion while portraying corporate integrity and fiscal responsibility.

All member of our team are committed to perform highest level of quality workmanship. We have worked hard to earn our reputation, by paying more attention to details and uncompromising commitment to quality. Every client’s interaction with our company is a quality experience. This commitment is the essence of our corporate character and is reinforced with every step in our project development process.

From the initial consultation, to the work-in-progress, right down to the final stages of the finished project, you will experience our dedication to exceptional service levels and expert workmanship.

Ourname is our reputation and we will never cut corners or do just enough.

I am proud to be the stand of modern and luxury series Luster Home Decore.

Riaz Ansari (Director)
Brass Touch India

CEO Message:

Luster Home Décor was born to satisfy the client’s ultimate desire for: Luxury, Beauty, Quality and Creativity. We target market highly demand individuals or corporate associates worldwide, to share an experience that has never been seen before and will not be forgotten. We aim to amaze our client and increase his future profit, through the current investment.

Luster Home Décor has a multicultural free flying spirit and any of our projects in any part of the world has a very strong foundation basis of Knowledge, Expertise, Experience, Technical Analysis, Teamwork, Timeline, Perfectionism and Professionalism.

Luster Home Décor has values, JUST NOT in written contracts. Our word of HONOUR, HONESTY and RESPECT: To any client and business associate, from his highness majesty, to the last worker in our team.

Luster Home Décor is Ultimate creativity, and creativity is the basis of self-expression. Creativity is simply the desire to express ourselves. To formulate these expressions, we have to draw from our reservoir of experiences, dreams, desires and experimentation and mix together what was what is, and what could be… The perception of everything in life fills up this reservoir.

Some people are drawn to create and express themselves, others are drawn to reflect, to analyze. But in the end, we all could be creative and touch any vision, if we have the desire to explore the way in which we are integrated, in the world of our experiences. Because creativity is really a rebirth, a true tone we feel for ourselves and for our world.

Then our work becomes a real part, of who we truly are.

Maybe all this, is a question of how deep we are willing to go…

Luster Home Décor is the international train, for that magic voyage.

And maybe we are able to offer our client and our future friend, this voyage’s true luxury treasures.

Whatever luxury means, for each one of us…

I’m proud to be a part of Luster Home Décor® and humbled to have the opportunity to lead it, on the next part of this journey.

With your help, we are confident that our values and reputation will be upheld long into the future.

Shagufta Ansari (CEO)

Brass Touch India